Open Positions

Employee Experience

Our team enjoys a casual and highly collaborative workplace with a focus on continuous growth and supportive accountability. As a teammate of Sepion, you will have the opportunity to demonstrate your expertise and work closely with talented engineering, scientific, and operational teams. We value your impact and support your continued growth through frequent and consistent conversations centered around your goals. We strive to foster your sense of belonging by recognizing your contributions and offering you the opportunity to work on small teams with personalized support from leadership.

We highlight feedback as a significant component of our overall communication, and we train our team to focus on intention and impact through delivery. Trust is the bedrock of any effective feedback, whether it is positive or critical, and we encourage all team members to reflect on their communication preferences and share them company-wide to help establish trusting relationships. While our atmosphere is informal, we expect our team to be respectful and inclusive of all people while providing space for everyone to be their authentic self.


Sepion is committed to continuous learning centered around diversity, equity, and inclusion. We know DEI is present in all aspects of work, and we start with hiring. Our job postings are reviewed to ensure language and expectations are reflective of needs, and we remove any unnecessary or teachable skills. We screen all candidates who apply for any role at Sepion using software that removes bias opportunities, such as names, ages, genders, etc. By focusing on applicable skill and experience, we can offer all candidates confidence that their application is reviewed without unconscious biases at play.

Upon joining Sepion you will be expected to participate in bias mitigation training and learn more about how your perception of the world affects your day-to-day life, including work. Beyond this initial training, we provide all team members the opportunity to participate in semi-monthly social coffee hours featuring discussions about articles, podcasts, essays and current events centered on diversity, equity and inclusion. This provides the team with continuous opportunities to check their biases, learn about differing perspectives they may not be exposed to, and support each other through shared experiences.

Inclusion at Sepion is simple—we expect you to be yourself. The expectation to be yourself means confidence that you are respected, valued, and supported, while providing the same to the people around you.

Compensation Philosophy

We actively follow industry and regional compensation trends to provide a comprehensive and competitive total compensation package that rewards and recognizes our employees’ impact while encouraging healthy balance, promoting professional growth, and raising overall job satisfaction.

Our total compensation package is designed to attract and retain top talent in the renewable energy space.

Other Benefits

Sepion provides employees with 100% coverage of employee healthcare premiums and 50% coverage of dependent healthcare premiums. You will have access to a variety of providers to allow you to select the best care plan for you and your family. Healthcare coverage includes medical, dental, vision, and life insurances. We offer paid holidays, vacation, sick, volunteer, and bereavement days, as well as paid parental leave. Sepion offers 401k contributions and bonuses to our employees, ensuring our commitment to equity is reflected in the structure of these programs.